pencils, spoons and brushes

teach, eat and paint

read, cook and make

draw, taste and mark

How do you describe what you do, when you sorta just do whatever calls to that thing inside that wants to make stuff?  I thought the tools were the best entry points, so pencilspoonbrush it is.

Dragged into teaching, it is now one the best parts of my life.  I started as a museum educator, leading discussions of some of the best modern and contemporary art in the world…and stopped making anything of my own.  I sometimes still call myself an artist, but that is more of an ideal, or an aspiration these days!  A few years ago, I was asked to teach Language Arts to upper elementary students, and I figured, why not?  I love books, loved English in school, would get a scripted curriculum and inspire young people.  Not quite so simple (no script or curriculum!) but five years later, I’ve fallen in love all over again with books and teaching.  Especially exciting is my oddball passion for diagramming sentences, thanks to English Grammar Revolution!

Eating, cooking, tasting delicious things–secrets to joy!  I believe the best way to show appreciation for the gifts of the earth is by consuming them with thoughtfulness, beauty and gratitude.

Art.  My world revolved around the idea of art for as long as I can remember.  It was my only answer to the when-you-grow-up question.  For a time, I thought it would work.  I got into art school!  I moved to New York!  I tried welding and patternmaking and painting and drawing and industrial design and printmaking and anything else I could…until the day AFTER I graduated and realized I needed to find a job.   Resisting as politely as possible, I had been dragged into the art education department in my first few months at art school by a far-seeing teacher, who I thought was brilliant but crazy (in general, not just because of the ed thing).  Nonetheless, those ed classes were some of the most rewarding and memorable experiences from college, and they flew to the rescue of this clueless BFA holder.

Teaching it was.  And art.  And later, food, which was a lot harder to self-critique against Matisse, Miro, Van Gogh, and the other geniuses I looked at every day.  Fashion took the place of art too for a while, but that’s another story.  (There was a needle in the original title:”pencilspoonbrushneedle,” but I’m relegating that to cool in the pantry, not even a back burner.)

Just teaching/reading/drawing/cooking/baking/eating/painting/making.

parent, feed and clean?  Yeah, that too.