Apple tasting

I took my 11 year old grocery shopping while his brother had soccer practice. We were completely enchanted by the wall of apples, at least 20 different kinds, at Berkeley Bowl so we decided to do an apple tasting! In our house, apples have to be crunchy, not soft. Kids like tart, adults like sweet. After getting a few each of 9 kinds, we had filled half our cart with apples & had to leave the rest for another day.


We invited some friends over to help with the tasting. Narrowing down a few categories to judge, we made up index cards for each type to rate on crunchiness, sweetness, tartness, looks and juiciness on a scale of 1-5.


Apple tasting scores

Since kids were the primary judges, tart & crunchy Granny Smith was the winner, with 20.13 points out of 25.  The surprise hit was new-to-us Aurora, a pale golden apple that was both crunchy and super-sweet, scoring 16.6/25.


It was an imperfect test to be sure, as evidenced by the scribbling on the cards…and the few number of judges!  But, it was fun and made for a healthy dessert that everyone enjoyed.  We had quite a few apples left.  Some of them became a gift pie with cranberries…



with a mini handpie with the last bit of piecrust for the boys at home 🙂